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Innovate Indiana is an Indiana University initiative that helps IU faculty turn marketable innovations into products and businesses that boost the state's economy. 
Red clock with background of limestone building, green trees and blue sky in Bloomington
Apr. 28: NSF CAREER Awards peer-review session
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May 11: Funding Search Open House
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How to help with the commercialization of your work
Headshot of Bill Brizzard of IURTC
In Part 2 of his discussion, Bill Brizzard tells you how to help make your technology successful.
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IU-led team maps Zika virus protein to speed search for cure
Multicolored image of Zika virus NS5 protein
The team has mapped a key protein that causes the virus to reproduce and spread.
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Beta testing to begin on The Bee Corp.'s hive sensor software
Close-up view of queen and other bees on hive
The Bee Corp. seeks beekeepers who operate five or more hives to beta test its hive risk-assessment technology.
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IU wins NSF grant to assist women, minority entrepreneurs
Jennifer Finefield, a principal investigator on the NSF grant for women and minority entrepreneurs
Female and minority entrepreneurs will benefit from a National Science Foundation grant awarded to Indiana University, University of Louisville, and Missouri University of Science and Technology.
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2017 Education-to-Employment Convergence brings it home
E2E logo
Statewide leaders talked millennials, career readiness and more at the third annual E2E Convergence at IUPUI.
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Two IU Bloomington professors awarded 2017 Guggenheim fellowships
Sample Gates viewed from Kirkwood Ave, with Student Building in the background
Faculty from the College of Arts and Sciences are among 173 fellows for 2017, chosen from a group of almost 3,000 applicants.
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IU grad student earns US DOE award to advance research on high-energy physics
IU grad student Jacob Settlemoyer stands in front of whiteboard with lots of computations
The highly selective grant will support efforts to advance detector technology at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.
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Two IU Bloomington undergraduates named Goldwater scholars
Tall, red rectangular IU banner flutters against a blue sky
The scholars were selected from a field of 1,286 students nominated by 2,000 colleges and universities.
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IU chemist Yan Yu named Sloan research fellow
Yan Yu, chemist at Indiana University
The program recognizes early-career scholars whose achievements mark them as the next generation of scientific leaders.
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