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Education & Workforce Development

Brainpower is Indiana’s greatest business generator, and a well-trained workforce is Indiana’s most powerful energy supply. IU educates more of the state’s nurses, teachers, dentists, IT professionals, surgeons, lawyers, and police officers than any other Indiana college or university. More than 250,000 IU graduates live in Indiana. We’re committed to recruiting Indiana’s best and brightest and preparing them for great jobs here at home.

People Power

Your current and future workforce is right here. Find them through our internship programs and placement offices.

Renewable Energy for Education

Teacher preparation and professional development are critical for the strength of our schools and Indiana’s citizenry. Our programs and services are designed to support Indiana’s teachers. The new Indiana Center for P-16 Collaboration and Partnership is working with Indiana schools, industry, and local communities to improve student achievement. The East Asian Studies Center offers programming for elementary school students and professional development for middle and high school teachers who are teaching students to speak and read in Japanese or Chinese.

IU remains committed to providing a range of educational opportunities on our eight campuses across the state, as well as keeping Indiana’s students here at home. Prospective students: Find the right IU campus for you.

Facts At-A-Glance

  • IU is creating new degree programs in human biology, public health, global and international studies, new media, informatics, philanthropy, and many other high-growth fields.
  • There are 114,382 students enrolled at IU’s eight campuses for the 2014-2015 academic year, and enrollment at IU Bloomington is 46,416 students this year.
  • The Degrees of Excellence program was created to increase graduation rates on all IU campuses.
  • In 2013, IU introduced the Finish in Four completion award, which covers any increase in tuition and fees during students' junior and senior years if they're on track to graduate in four years.