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Innovation in Bloomington

April 2015

Innovate Indiana

What is Innovate Indiana? How does it help Indiana University faculty turn marketable innovations into products and businesses that boost the state's economy?

Innovate Indiana is an initiative of IU's Office of the Vice President for Engagement, which since 2007 has promoted and enabled economic development and technology commercialization throughout the Hoosier State and beyond. As a public university, IU's obligation to help grow the state's economy is made evident by the fact more than 250,000 IU graduates live and work in Indiana - and more than 80 percent of Hoosiers live within an hour's drive of one of IU's eight campuses statewide.

Through its Innovate Indiana efforts, the university engages strategic partners to leverage and advance its vast intellectual resources and expertise. Along with working to secure research funding for IU faculty, that effort also involves providing resources and expertise for startup businesses through various avenues:

  • The Johnson Center for Entrepreneurship and Biotechnology based at Simon Hall works to identify research programs that are commercially viable (through its Discovery Team), assists faculty with grant applications, identifies industry contacts, helps develop industry contracts, provides project management support and helps protect the intellectual property of IU faculty. The director of JCEB is Keith R. Davis. Contact JCEB here.

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  • The Innovate Indiana Fund provides start-up funding for faculty who want to create businesses based on their research ideas. Ken Green is the fund's managing director. Contact the fund here.
Ken Green