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Bill Brizzard

Bill Brizzard

In addition to serving as IURTC's director of technology commercialization for IU's Bloomington campus, Bill Brizzard also provides technology evaluation and commercialization services for the Johnson Center for Entrepreneurship in Biotechnology.

Brizzard has more than 30 years of experience in academics and industry. Before joining IURTC in 2005, he worked in business development and intellectual property for the Biotechnology Division of Sigma-Aldrich Corp. He came to Sigma-Aldrich from Scientific Imaging Systems, Eastman Kodak Company, where he led development of the FLAG Protein Expression System acquired by Sigma-Aldrich in 1998. Prior to Kodak, Brizzard served as an assistant professor of biology at DePaul University and held postdoctoral appointments at the University of Washington and M.D. Anderson Hospital.

Brizzard received a Ph.D. in molecular biology and an M.S. in biology from Florida State University. He earned his B.S. in zoology from Louisiana State University.

Researchers with questions about technology commercialization, or who think they have a patentable invention or idea, can e-mail Bill at or call (812) 855-3597.