Statewide Engagement

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Regional Council

IU Council for Regional Engagement and Economic Development (CREED)

Connecting Indiana University’s vast intellectual and creative assets with strategic opportunities to foster economic growth in Indiana requires statewide engagement across all of our campuses. To enhance this coordination, the IU Council for Regional Engagement and Economic Development (CREED) was created.

Chaired by the vice president for engagement, CREED establishes an enduring forum that addresses regional economic concerns and identifies how IU can bring its resources to bear to advance economic development efforts. The network of CREED council members consists of a designated representative for each IU campus, directly appointed by the respective campus chancellor or provost. 

The Regional Economic Development (RED) Fund

Administered by CREED, the Regional Economic Development (RED) Fund helps seed qualifying regional economic development initiatives across the state. IU campus entities sponsoring a program or event with the potential to directly enhance the region’s economic vitality are eligible to submit a RED Fund proposal. 

Qualifying proposals approved by CREED are eligible to receive dollar-for-dollar matching funds up to $2,500. The RED Fund provides a unique new means to enhance the connectivity and support of IU resources engaged to build capacity and advance economic development across Indiana’s regions.  All proposals submitted must have prior approval of the Regional Campus CREED Representative.

The CREED RED Fund continues to expand its portfolio of awards.

Apply for a CREED RED Fund grant »

  • Awards are typically capped at an upper limit of $2,500.
  • All proposals must:
  1. Receive support from an affiliated campus organization or academic school/department
  2. Gain prior approval of the Regional Campus CREED Representative
  3. Provide cost-matching cash and in-kind resources for the amount requested

While the RED Fund once required applicants to provide a 100 percent match of the grant money awarded, the new model allows a minimum cash match of 25 percent combined with up to 75 percent of allowable in-kind contributions such as services, materials or other donations.

Additional information on the RED Fund